Winter is upon us here in the Mid-west.  By all accounts, it's been pretty mild.  We've gotten some 50+ gravel rides in, a little MTB shredage, and plenty of snowshoeing & XC skiing.

Some say you NEED a fat bike to survive the mid-west winters, I say those people a pussies.  I've had zero issues riding 2.2s on the single track and 33s on the iced over bike paths and country roads.  You do need to learn to wear layers, and invest in warm socks/shoes/gloves.  

Getting out in the winter is some of my most favorite rides.  Old roads feel new with and bright blanket of snow.  The cornless fields step up their WIND game, and you can really put the hurt into your thighs.  Especially if you're on a single speed. As I tend to be on more so in the winter months.  Single speeds are less work to maintain and clean after a slushy salty ride. The air feels fresher, there are less cars and people out and about, and the hawks and eagles are always circling above. 

With spring nearing, we're gearing up for "gravel season".  In the coming weeks we'll use this section to post about rides & races in the area we'll either be doing, or supporting.  Check back often ladies.


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