Around Christmas I had ordered some caps for some of the fellows, those who had been here since the start, even back in the A. Brackett Cycles days.  To meet the minimums I ordered a few extra thinking I could sell them on the then yet to be conceived web-site. 

Yesterday I said I'd post the rest up on here, but they are all GONE now.   Unfortunately for you, the second I posted a photo on Instagram yesterday, my phone blew up with people that knew me personally wanting one.  They threw money at me, I'm a weak weak man and sold them.

Due to the fantastic response I received about them, I will either order a new batch or do some kind of pre-order on here (if I can figure that out).

That being said, these caps are fantastic.  They are made in the U.S. by Walz Caps, constructed from SUPER soft cotton with a moisture wicking headband in a three panel design. Think American Apparel soft cotton, as opposed to the shitty painters caps that Pace makes.

I'm sorry to have teased you with such stellar caps.  More will be made, promise.

-Word is bond.