Just about every other day I do a quick out and back on the bike path by my house before work.  It's a way to spin the legs and get the metabolism going before breakfast and work.  Usually it' around 20 mi, some times I hit limestone, sometimes quick single track.

Well, on this cool rainy April morning I went out on my SSCX with no real plan.   As I headed west down the path the cool foggy mist moistened my face and I was wishing one of two things, 1.  Wish I hadn't shaved yesterday or 2. Wish I had my neck gator.  I creasing the pace to increase my body heat I speed off on a small limestone loop to get the feel for how dry the ground was, as it had been raining and dark for the last few days.  

As I continued west through Bliss Woods, I got closer to the end of the trail near Waubonsee Community College.  Just before the end of the trail there was a small bit of single track.  I'd never explored this, which is surprising since I've explored just about every other little off shoot dirt path along the bike trail. 

"Fuck it, lets check this out", I thought as I ripped off the path to the damp trail.  After some immediate bush whacking, I found myself on some sort of service road!  It was really bazaar.  Random piles of  mulch, a fenced off pit full of the dead remains of pumpkins, and places for bonfires, BIG bonfires.  It was damp and a little slow going at 36x15, but it was windy and really fun.

Here is the giant random pile of mulch. 

Here is the giant random pile of mulch. 

The remains of once great and noble pumpkins.  I can't even imagine what this is really used for.  There was also a pitch fork in there too.  

As I raced home to fill my belly with breakfest foods and get cleaned up for work, I thought how odd it was I had never checked this out before.  The little off shoot had been there for as long as I had been riding that bike path.  I can't wait to check it out when it's a little drier and warmer.  

Adventure can be found anywhere.  You just have to be open, look for it, and try.