It's still happening.  AMENT100 or just AMENT, or something.  It's not really 100km anymore or maybe it will be.  We're still hammering out the details and riding new versions.  Still a bunch of crazy grade hills.  Maybe less gravel.  Maybe more gravel.  

While riding out there, every side road is screaming, "hey come check me out".  This is probably how 10,000 was born.  Not being able to leave any of the roads out of the party.  We're still drawing maps and heading out there to explore more and decide what to keep and what to leave.

What we do know is, this year will be INVITE ONLY.  We had way too many people interested in coming.  People we don't know or trust to take care of themselves out there.  There will still be ZERO support.  This will also be on the same day as ALMANZO100.  We're not trying to compete with that.  Having ridden it several times, it's a fantastic event and will make you fall in love in Minnesota.  But it's a time suck.  This meant to be an alternative for those who can't be away, or don't want to be away a couple of days.  Also to showcase that Illinois isn't totally lame.  We got rad stuff too.

Things that make you cry.

Keep your eyes pealed.  More info coming soon!


Just incase you haven't figured it out yet, 10,000 is two weeks after.  This will be your Spring Classic into a Grand Tour.