We've been quiet.  Secretly working in the gravel mines of northwest Illinois devising our diabolical route to destroy any thoughts of fitness you thought you had.

Not really.  We're just lazy.  I was going to have everyone send postcards to sign up.  Then I realized I didn't' really want people to have my address, and I don't want you wasting paper.  So if you want to come, hit us up on any social media platform.  Instagram and Facebook are probably the fastest/most reliable ways to get a hold of us.  Or shoot an e-mail to rad1adventure@gmail.com and let us know you'll be coming.  There is a secret Facebook event page we'll try and add you to.

The course will be similar to last year, but with some new roads.  Still starting and ending in Elizabeth IL.  It's a neat little town, and they're pretty chill about us parking there.  Don't go looking around for routes online just yet.  The final course has yet to be decided on.  What I can say is, it will be about 70 miles and 5k-6k of climbing.  MAY 20TH 10AM.  

Ask the folks that were there last year.  It's hard as hell.  You will be 100% on your own.  Unless you're going to pay me hourly with full fridge bennifits, I AIN'T GONNA BABY SIT YOUR ASS!

This is basically the ride profile.  More definitive details to come next month. 

Start doing hill repeats now!