Here we go agian. 

YES, this is still happening on Saturday!  HOWEVER, if the weather looks like hell, don't go.  Nobody will be there.  We'll make that call Friday and reschedule if it looks like heavy rain/thunderstorms.  We're all sick of riding in the rain this year...Landrun, Barry Roubaix, Trans Iowa.

 PLEASE PRINT AND SIGN this Waiver.  We will have a few in the Apple Fort parking lot.  We also ask that you ride like respectful citizens.  Not riding 10 wide in a pack, obey street signs, and give at least a smile to those you pass along the route.


Again, this 100% self supported.  YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.  There won't be some magical Rapha truck with coffee and snacks waiting for you at the top of a hill.  After mile 40, there is NOTHING.  Cell phones don't really work out there, so ride SAFE & SMART.  These is ZERO sag. If you are hurting, tough shit, figure it out! So here is the Ride with GPS link, it is different than last year.  I made some changes.

 Couple of notes:

  • You can cut a gnarly descent and 5 miles out at mile 19 (recommended if new to this area), its a RIGHT onto Gamble Rd (short cut)
  • The only food stop is in Hanover, mile 30 (BRING CA$H)
  • You SHOULD top off your water at the campsite around mile 40.2 (Blanding Landing)
  • There are killer climbs right after both of those stops, so maybe hold off eating until you get to the top.
  • The course is probably 50/50 gravel to pavement.  DO NOT RIDE A ROAD BIKE.  I have seen people break collar bones on the gravel out there riding skinnies.  
  • There are no bathrooms at the start.   SO GO BEFORE YOU GET TO TOWN.
  • That town is a SPEED TRAP!  Dial it back when you get close.

We will start in the town of Elizabeth Il.  It's super small, so parking is limited.  Please look at the parking map below and CARPOOL as much as possible.

102 N Main St, Elizabeth, IL 61028 if you need an address to get you there.  Stay Rad will be taking waivers in the parking lot kitty corner.  Once we get your waiver, feel free to roll out. 

Park in the PINK lots.  The blue dot is the start.

It's not a race.  It's free.  Your on your own as far a supplies.

Afterwords, last year a decent group of us headed over to JJ & Freddie's in Stockton.  They know to expect a bunch of folks.  You don't have to go, but that's where we will be...eventualy. 

One last thing.  There is this crazy ass tunnel thing we found out there around mile 48 just after the turn.  If you see it, go check it out.  Might be a good place for a random person to set some water or something. 

Remember, "the only person you can count on, is yourself".