CANCELED. For now. Reschedule will happen. If you've done any gravel events in 2017, I'm sure you're sick of riding in the rain and replacing brake pads and bottom brackets. This was not an easy decision and we're sorry, but severe thunder stroms does not sound all that fun. We will keep you posted.

This was a tough call to make.  We really wanted it to happen this weekend.  It's one thing to get caught out in a storm in suburbs with plenty of places to get cover and lots of cell phone coverage.  But there ain't shit out there, and no ones phone seem to work all that well.  I personally can't have that weighing on my soul.

There is a poll up on the event page to reschedule.  I think we're leaning toward the fall.  Riding out that way in the summer is pretty terrible (see 2015 Rapha Prestige) .

-Stay Rad