We've been quite on the web site, probably for far too long.  So we've got some updates.

Groad rides, a combination of amazing paved country roads and dirty rough gravel roads.  This year we'll try to do monthly group rides.  They will most likely flip from going out of Aurora and Homewood.  So you'll have a west and south option.  They tend to break up into groups, so you can hammer or you can be social. 

Part of the idea of these rides is to get people out on roads different from their normal routine, get people out in the country.  They are also to highlight our local communities.  Aurora & Homewood aren't so scary and offer a lot in the way of cycling, food, beer, and coffee.   So please come out from the city and enjoy the country with us.

Look for posts about these rides on Facebook or Strava.  Some times we'll post something on Instagram too.  Generally there will be about a weeks notice.  We do the short notice for a couple of reasons.

One, we don't' want 500 people to show up.  Thats too much stress for a group ride.  Two, that gives us an idea of the weather.

The amount of gravel will vary, sometimes there might not be any.  We'll let you know ahead of time.

Look forward to riding with you soon!