2015 has just come to a close.  It was an amazing year for us.  We saw the addition of more riders, women riders, and traveled to new places for new adventures.  We made new friends and got to know old ones better.  We got new bikes and broke old ones.

This website was started in the begging of 2015.

Schratz completed Dirty Kanza 200 a week after a head on collusion that landed him in the ER. 

The team was invited to "compete" in the Rapha Midwest Prestige.

Joel took some newbies to complete Ride 10,000.

Kelly and Chuks have never done anything of this scale.  THEY KILLED IT.

Sean was kicking everyone's ass in Cyclocross this fall, and we saw the return of Kristina to the Chi Cross Cup!

We took a rag tag bunch out to ride the Driftless region of Illinois. 

THANK YOU.  Thank you everyone in the Chicago scene for cheering us on, riding with us, and letting us crash at your tents at events.  Thank you everyone over seas for the support!!  Do you guys even know what Illinois is?  Thank you to all of our other friends and families here and around the country; Lindsay, Frank, Matt, Brad, Ben, Eric(s), and the rest!!

THANK YOU Cycling Republic and 2Bici for helping us out with bikes and gear.  

2016 looks to have a lot in store for us.  A new Kit design is in the works.  Bottles? T-shirts (come on Mike)? USAC Team licence? BMX?  New Rides/races?  Nothing is set in stone, but we have a good feeling about this year.

Thank you to all the Stay Rad riders!  We're incredibly thankful for all of you riding bikes and getting rad with us.  Thanks for sticking around and trusting that sometimes we know what we are doing!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Word is bond.